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1. THE "ISOPOGON" SPIRIT - Continuing an exciting creative blogging experience

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Launching a new blog or beginning any writing is always difficult for me. I wonder which subject I can tell readers about in my very first entries. As I want to focus on present time, going back to my blogging experience will be a vey good topic to start filling this new site with content. What matters to know about me as a blogger is the deep relation between my longing for writing and my personal journey on Earth which is tinged with spirituality. I have always liked to express my ideas and feelings through the use of words on paper... and now on computers. I used to keep a diary when I was younger. Writing has always been my best way of setting me free from the prison of time and social conditioning, the prison of a frame I did not choose to be in. It has also been the best way of being connected to my true Self, the inmost part of my personality. I realized that I am no one else but myself as ever when putting my thoughts in writing. This way of expression constantly drives me to stay as honest as possible. Genuineness is certainly one of my main features that is aknowledged by my friends and anyone who sees me quite regularly. It is the root that feeds my creativity with empathy, sadness and clear-headedness. These last 4 traits make me regard life as interesting to go through.

My blogging experience started in May 2008 at a time when I had been dealing with a huge life crisis for 4 years. It was the end of this awful period that leads me to begin a spiritual journey a few weeks later. Since then, my life has gradually been changing for the best. I have still not reached most of the goals that matter to me but the general quality of my existence has improved a lot. Blogging is a part of a whole process of thinking and behaving where writing is a way of developping a personal life philosophy. It goes with my inner awakening conveyed by my words. Year by year, day by day, I have been discovering and revealing all the good, and even the better, which was hidden in the depths of me and stayed unused for long. Thus, some old personal skills and talents have now slowly been coming out. I have been building a bridge between my past and my future through my present living within me. This is why I chose the Isopogon Australian flower as a personal reference. The essence made from it has been used by the Aborigines to balance both planes, mental and physical. It is used to improve someone's connection with themselves and then their environment. Read what is told about this flower below:

"With this essence people will more easily be able to remember and integrate previously gained skills and knowledge into their life experiences; not just those from this lifetime but also those carried within their DNA and auras from previous generations. (...).

The Isopogon essence will allow people to more easily let go of the head stuff and experience the enjoyment of life more fully. By opening their hearts this essence allows these people to let down their guard and enjoy the companionship of others. They will be able to work side by side with others more amiably, enabling them to feel more on an equal footing with those they had previously been trying to dominate or keep ahead of. In this regard Isopogon helps bring more tolerance and flexibilility into their relationships as well as more clarity into their life experiences.

Isopogon flowers are also known as narrow leaf drumsticks due to the appearance of the woody seed cones which appear on the end of the stems after flowering. These seed cones can remain on the stems for several years. The name Isopogon is derived from the Greek word isos meaning “equal”, and pogon meaning “a beard”; or put together meaning “equalbearded”. The beard refers to the hairs that evenly cover the fruit."

As well as the yellow colour of the flowers relating to the intellect, the doctrine of signatures of the woody seed cones' “equalbearded” appearance, relates to the Isopogon essence which provides a more equally balanced connection between the heart and head energies."

Unlike some other Australian flower essences that I used to cure some specific diseases, I have not taken the Isopogon essence yet. But I will certainly do it in the future to enhance the effect of my inner growth on my behaviour and move forward on life faster. Anyway, this particular yellow flower completely represents what I have been living for months.

Australian Isopogon flower

This new blog will reflect my gradual personal inner transformation that will still be going on for long. On this site, I will give my opinion on things which can be related to me or not. The tone will be free and peculiar. You will find out what my values and my personal mindset are more generally. You will see that my life experience is mainly a matter of spirituality and constantly evolving humbleness, what makes me be a lifelong learner.

Although this blog was created in May 2016 I had not published anything on it since: I had so many things to deal with for months. Moreover I had also started keeping another blog in French, my mother tongue, a year earlier. I am still busy but I think it is time to make this site live at last: I only have a few contacts who are foreigners and I really want to have some more interesting exchanges with them than only Facebook socializing that tends to stay shallow. I try to take a great care of my foreign contacts because they are my only true actual links abroad. It is difficult to keep up with them regularly but they are still in my heart even those who broke up with me with time because silence between us had lasted too long. Keeping this blog is actually a way to make my purpose of living abroad for long one day keep alive and not to give up on it. It is an open door to exchange with my inmost being much more closely.

Well, dear readers, you know the main story about this blog and my motives for blogging. You can also take a glance at my About page for further details. What is to be remembered is that I would do my best to keep on having an exciting creative blogging experience. Expressing the great pleasure I have every time I write will always matter to me the most. Publishing some posts on line stays such a permanent personal fulfilling enjoyment. So, I invite you to join me in the resulting exchange to share a beautiful relationship here.

Thank you for your kind attention!

Pierre-Laurent Sysley


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