Wednesday, 31 May 2017

1. THE "ISOPOGON" SPIRIT - Continuing an exciting creative blogging experience

Published in Blogging / Creative Writing

Launching a new blog or beginning any writing is always difficult for me. I wonder which subject I can tell readers about in my very first entries. As I want to focus on present time, going back to my blogging experience will be a vey good topic to start filling this new site with content. What matters to know about me as a blogger is the deep relation between my longing for writing and my personal journey on Earth which is tinged with spirituality. I have always liked to express my ideas and feelings through the use of words on paper... and now on computers. I used to keep a diary when I was younger. Writing has always been my best way of setting me free from the prison of time and social conditioning, the prison of a frame I did not choose to be in. It has also been the best way of being connected to my true Self, the inmost part of my personality. I realized that I am no one else but myself as ever when putting my thoughts in writing. This way of expression constantly drives me to stay as honest as possible. Genuineness is certainly one of my main features that is aknowledged by my friends and anyone who sees me quite regularly. It is the root that feeds my creativity with empathy, sadness and clear-headedness. These last 4 traits make me regard life as interesting to go through.